An Innovative Approach to Real Estate Litigation

We are a 70 year old litigation firm that routinely represents secured creditors, lenders and property owners in a myriad of real estate litigation matters. Being that we focused almost exclusively on real estate, we are intimately aware of the law’s evolution and uniquely prepared to handle your specific situation.

Many firms are focused solely on their own bottom line and tend worry more about billable hours than their client’s desired outcome. At¬†Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman we take a different approach. We concern ourselves primarily with our client’s success, knowing that their success leads to increased future business to the firm. In addition, we recognize that each client has a unique set of goals and needs their attorney to tailor their litigation strategy to those specific goals. As such, we stay as far away from the cookie cutter approach as possible. We find it keeps our client’s happy and our sterling reputation intact.

Our firm assists clients with the following real estate litigation issues:

Should you have any questions regarding a real estate litigation matter please feel free to fill out our free New York real estate consultation request form or contact us directly.


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