Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman is a full-service NYC real estate law firm with expertise in real estate transactions and litigation. We have a strong focus on residential real property matters and lender foreclosures where our clients range from individuals looking to purchase their first home to large international banks. While the size and goals of our clients vary widely, their reasons for employing our services are generally similar. We offer an innovative approach to any task we undertake and we consistently produce the results our clients desire.

Many real estate attorneys focus exclusively on either real estate litigation or real estate transactions. We understand the allure of an attorney or firm who handles solely purchases and sales, and we have heard their sales pitch a million times – “if you are looking to complete a real estate transaction you want an attorney who specializes solely in transactional work”. What that specialized attorney hopes the potential client infers from their pitch is that he or she has handled so many transactions that if something difficult pops up, like a major title or breach of contract issue, the potential client is in better hands because their specialized attorney has “been there before”. What that specialized attorney fails to mention is that they do not handle breach of contract issues and would not feel comfortable going to court should the title issue need to be litigated. When something truly does go wrong that specialized attorney will advise that you call a firm like ours.

Our primary focus is to add value to every transaction or litigated matter. Being that we handle both real estate litigation and transactional work we are uniquely situated to anticipate issues that our competitors miss. What the specialized attorneys do not want you to realize is that you and your property do not exist in a specialized transactional or litigated vacuum. In order to be truly protected your attorney needs to be capable of assisting you from start to finish, regardless of what issues arise down the road. At Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman we add value in that our full service approach enables us stay with you through the conclusion.

Our philosophy is that our success is derived solely from that of our clients. As such we place quality of work over volume of business. With this guiding philosophy in mind, we employ numerous unique strategies to better serve our clients and not our bottom line. In addition, we have staffed our firm with experienced and skilled NYC real estate attorneys fully capable of delivering the results our clients have grown to expect. This philosophy has enabled us to build strong, lifetime relationships with our client base and is one of the key reasons we have enjoyed 70+ years of success.

We extend our legal expertise throughout all of Bronx, Brooklyn (Kings), Dutchess, Manhattan (New York City), Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Rockland, Suffolk, Staten Island (Richmond) and Westchester.

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