Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman – New York and New Jersey 2014 Foreclosure Abstract

Memorandum: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Changes (effective January 10, 2014)
Newly enacted Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rules designed to protect defaulted homeowners will became effective January 10, 2014.

Memo to All Firm Clients: New Jersey Expedited Foreclosure Procedure for Vacant and Abandoned Homes
A brief explanation of the new foreclosure option in New Jersey. The memo primarily focuses on how timelines will be impacted and highlights situations where the option will not be available.

OCA Affirmation – Preliminary Statement
On October 20, 2010, Chief Administrative Judge of New York State, Ann Pfau issued Administrative Order 548/10 pertaining to residential foreclosure filings in New York State. Said order provides in pertinent part: that effective immediately, plaintiff’s counsel must submit an Attorney Affirmation to attest to the truth of the claims contained in the foreclosure filing. Please read the attached preliminary statement presented to all of our clients to advise them of how to navigate the requirements of this Administrative Order.

How Long Will It Take to Reach Judgment? (Turn around Time)

Here is a pamphlet illustrating how long it will take Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman to reach judgement on foreclosure actions in New York and New Jersey.




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