Here is a list of some of the recent case settlements at Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman

Medical Malpractice Case Settlements

  • $1,550,000- Medical Malpractice case for failure to diagnose Afribile Sepsis. This case was settled by Stacy Thompson at a lengthy mediation. The venue of this case was Madison County-this was one of the largest settlements ever recorded in this county
  • $750,000 – Client was racing motor cross at a track and had an accident damaging his right wrist. Went to Kingston Hospital where X-rays were taken and he was subsequently released and referred to orthopedist. Defendant casted wrist which was later removed and Client discharged. Continued to have severe pain so client got second opinion –his hand bones fell into the wrist joint and the wrist and hand bones healed together. Client ultimately needed a fusion to stop pain. Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman sued the first doctor, and after lengthy negotiations settled the case for 750,000, an astounding number for an orthopedic case in Ulster County.
  • $450,000 –Medical Malpractice-failure of hospital ER to make timely diagnosis of aorta dissectia
  • $600,000 – Settlement for a facial paresthesia case after injury to our client’s mandibular nerve. This is the highest recorded settlement for this type of injury in Rockland County.
  • $700,000 – Severe permanent injuries caused by Doctor and Hospital’s delay in performing a laparotomy
  • $1,475,000 – Post cast -failure to diagnosed blood clot in cast caused Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Emboli and resulted in death

Work Related Case Settlements

  • $4,500,000 – Construction accident. Plaintiff fell from a crane at a worksite and sustained back injuries resulting in a fusion. Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman initiated lawsuit against the general contractor, the owner of the crane, and the company in charge of the safety procedures at the work site.
  • $200,000 – Plaintiff was exposed to propane fumes while working construction at a hospital site. We settled with the hospital at mediation despite major causation issues.
  • $100,000 Case against home healthcare attendant who was transferring plaintiff from chair to bed causing her to fall and fracture right femur. Plaintiff was 88 years old at time of the accident making this a fantastic result for our team.

Personal Injury Case Settlements

  • $600,000 – Client on Vespa was struck by another vehicle resulting in fractured forearm requiring ORIF and hardware. Case was settled after depositions.
  • $350,000 – Settled at mediation, extremely difficult liability involving broken bottle at a restaurant resulting in glass in plaintiff’s eye.
  • $500,000- Case settled during third day of trial, 60 year old police officer tripped and fell on stairs exiting a restaurant in NYC resulting in ruptured quadriceps tendon. Initial offer in the case was 50k.
  • $200,000 – Settlement of a Dram Shop action against a New York City bar and bar owner,  in which a 27 year old female was struck by an inebriated patron who was served alcoholic beverages while being visibly intoxicated. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bar or as a result of an intoxicated person’s conduct, contact Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman today! Your consultation is free.
  • $325,000 – Four car collision. Our client hit in rear pushing him into another vehicle. Disc bulges at L3-L4, L4-5, L5-S1, herniation at C5-6, torn flexor and extensor tendon right hand, traumatic synovitis of the left knee/torn meniscus with surgery. Settled at mediation by Marc Thompson for 325k, after walking away from a previous mediation with offer of 200k.
  • $600,000 – Elevator Crash – Elevator drop causing labral tear and forcing Plaintiff to undergo a laminectomy
  • $200,000 – Dram Shop – Woman suffered broken tooth and facial lacerations.
  • $70,000.00 – Dram Shop – Bar with no insurance settled for $70,000.00


 Automobile Accidents

  • $100,000.00 – Auto Collision – Driver suffered Torn rotator cuff
  • $100,000.00 – Auto Collision – Passenger suffered torn medial meniscus
  • $85,000.00 – Auto Collision – Passenger suffered sprained medial meniscus


Disclaimer: Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman, LLP does not guarantee the results of any case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. These cases are merely representative of past performance and each case must stand on its own facts and circumstances.