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Accidental Poisoning in Bronx School

On Friday April 17th, five Bronx children were hospitalized after taking Excedrin under the impression it was candy. The second grader who passed out the pills also took one, believing it was candy. When the children were back in class, the effects ranged from stomach aches to passing out. It all started very innocently, giving out and accepting candy from friends. Yet this case of accidental poisoning could have been prevented if proper safeguards had been in place.

Staten Island Bridge Construction Accident

According to the Daily News a construction accident occurred on Wednesday October 29th on Staten Island. An inspector was struck by a truck delivering asphalt at 2:45am. The truck was in reverse on a ramp near a toll plaza at the time of impact. The inspector was taken to the hospital by ambulance. His injuries are not considered life threatening.

Manhattan Hit And Run Accident

At about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 30, a garbage truck allegedly struck and killed a man in Chinatown, in the borough of Manhattan, according to the New York Daily News. The accident occurred on Canal Street, near Centre Street. Police state that a 32-year-old man on foot was struck by a dark-colored garbage truck. The truck's driver reportedly took off in the vehicle after the victim was allegedly hit. 

Avoiding Bicycle Accidents in the Fading Daylight Seasons

When summer graced you with warmth and fair weather, it was a joy to ride to work and back on two wheels. The journey increased your physical fitness and saved you money on transportation. Now that the colder and less pleasant weather of fall and winter have arrived, you want to continue your pedaling efforts, albeit with more protective clothing on. However, the daylight is fading sooner and you'll find yourself in the dark often. Take these extra precautions that will help with avoiding bicycle accidents

NYC Bicycle Accidents - Unsafe Riding

Often when one thinks about a bicycle accident, it is assumed that the cyclist was hit by a car and the vehicle driver was at fault. This is not always the case however. Cyclists can have accidents with pedestrians and even non-mobile objects such as a parked car or a tree. These accidents can be caused by carelessness of the cyclist. A cyclist that is not following the rules of the road may also be the cause of an accident with a vehicle. 

Health Care Provider Wrongful Death Suit

The family of a New York prison inmate named Andy Henriquez has filed a New York wrongful death lawsuit over his death while in solitary confinement at Rikers Island. Henriquez had been imprisoned in 2011 on a murder charge. In the days leading up to his death in April, 2013, he complained constantly of chest pains and shortness of breath. Despite the fact that his family and friends begged prison officials to provide Henriquez proper medical care, a prison doctor visited him in his cell and prescribed hand cream. He was found dead in the cell floor later, having died to a torn aorta. 

New York City Professional Malpractice

Malpractice is negligence in the practice of healthcare professionals including physicians, hospitals, dentists and others. Therefore, legal action against New York City professional malpractice involves civil suits under personal injury torte law. That makes everything very complicated and expensive.

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