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October 2013 Archives

Factory or Warehouse Accidents

Although factory and warehouses are supposed to be safe, working in a factory or warehouse comes with some possible risks of injuries that are not present in other occupations and on other premises. Because of the prevalence of heavy machinery and equipment, these occupations pose a significantly greater risk of injury than many other occupations. To add to the risk of injury, some factories and warehouses are not kept up to safety codes, machinery may not be kept in top shape, and negligent acts may occur. There are a number of factory or warehouse accidents that take place. These factory or warehouse accidents and injuries include: forklift accidents, falling inventory injuries, loading dock accidents, conveyor belt injuries,slip and fall injuries, exposure to chemicals and lifting injuries. 

Hospital Negligence: Important Facts to Know

In 2010, the estimated cases of hospital negligence according to the Journal of Patient Safety was anywhere from 210,000 to 440,000. These were patients in hospitals who suffered and died from a mistake committed by nurse, doctor, lab technician or intern. Have you or any member of your family suffered from hospital neglect? Have you been told by a hospital staff that the mistake was unintentional? Unfortunately, the issue is not about intention. The point is finding out if something happened that could have been prevented. If this is a thought that has crossed your mind, the next step should be to find out more about hospital negligence and how you could find redress for your trauma.

Back and Neck Injury Settlements

Back and neck injuries can occur without warning as a result of the negligence of another. These injuries are often caused by car accidents, slip and falls, work accidents and sports injuries. Back and neck injuries can be severe and include: spinal cord injuries, whiplash, slipped and herniated disks, as well as severe and lasting back and neck pain. Back or neck injuries can have a significant effect on the victim's life, resulting in medical bills, lost wages, and affecting his or her ability to retain certain employment and perform certain daily tasks.

Brain Injury Lawsuits in New York

Suffering a personal injury can greatly affect your life, and a brain injury can have severe, debilitating, and even lasting effects. Your brain injury can range from an emotionally handicapping injury like post traumatic stress disorder to an accident that leaves a victim in a vegetable state. Unfortunately sometimes a brain injury lawsuits are necessary to alleviate additional pains. Brain injuries generally fall into the category of catastrophic personal injury for this reason. The Center for Disease Control and Injury Prevention estimates 1.7 million people suffer severe brain injuries each year. A brain injury can occur in a number of different ways. Some of the most common ways for a brain injury to occur include: automobile accidents, motor cycle accidents, falls, assaults, falling objects, structural failures, and construction site accidents. 

How to Sue Someone For A Car Accident

Highways today are full of cars, truck, and SUVs with people busily traveling where they need to go. Unfortunately, accidents often occur causing damage to personal property and injury. Automobile accidents can result in property damage, lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of future earning capacity, and even wrongful death. If you have suffered property damage or injury as the result of an automobile accident and the other driver was at fault, you may want to pursue a claim against the driver to recover damages. 

Medical Misdiagnosis

Whether you are feeling ill or going in for a routine doctor's visit, when you seek healthcare, you expect to receive high quality care to take care of one of your most valuable assets, your health. You expect your doctor to accurately find out what is wrong with you as soon as possible and tell you what your treatment options are; but this sometimes is not the case. There are times when a doctor may fail to diagnose symptoms properly or recommend a followup exam which could have detected an illness at an earlier stage. In fact, medical misdiagnosis may be one of the most common forms of medical malpractice. 

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in NYC

Millions of people like you go to a doctor or healthcare provider each year expecting proper care to stay in good health or improve their health. When you go to these healthcare providers, you expect to be cared for properly, but this is not always the case. Unfortunately, doctors, surgeons, hospitals, dentists, and other healthcare providers make mistakes, and their mistakes can have a detrimental effect on you. It is estimated that around 100,000 people die each year due to medical errors and medical malpractice.

Slip and Fall Law in New York

Does the Absence of a Proper Sign Mean Negligence?

Some of the most basic lessons law students are taught in their first year of law school are lessons from the world of tort law and negligence. And in the world of negligence, the classic story of a slip and fall accident is a must. We thought it best to share a story with you to perhaps peak your interest in the possibility of law school (yawn) or perhaps simply to see if you have ever faced a situation like the one below.

New York Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Get Your Motor Running

Freedom. Inspiration. Adventure... If you're an avid motorcycle enthusiast then you are familiar with the exhilaration of the open road. There is nothing like the view of the American landscape from the seat of your favorite bike. Motorcycles are beautifully crafted machines which encourage devotion on the part of their owners. Whether part of a larger community or just a lone wolf all motorcycle owners appreciate both beauty and danger. The beauty we all love and enjoy but the danger is why we need to have your own New York Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.

Dog Bite Lawyer in New York

Dog Bite Lawyer in NYC

According to the American Humane Association there are an estimated 4.7 million dog bites happen every year in the United States. The New York State of Department of Health reports that 6,600 of these cases involve individuals under the age of 20. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, you know how painful and traumatic it can be. The law for dog bites in the state is tricky, with strict liability and a "one bite" rule. This means the owner is liable if they knew or suspected the dog was dangerous and liable to bite someone. This knowledge is called "vicious propensities," and can involve a number of behaviors exhibited by the animal. A dog with vicious propensities might have repeatedly growled at passerby's or guests in a home, or even engaged in fights with other dogs. Incidents such as these are taken into account by the court when deciding on dog bite cases. To make sure that a negligent owner is help responsible it is important to contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in New York.

How to Pick the Best Lawyer in New York City

Finding a lawyer in New York City can be a daunting task. There are literally thousands of lawyers that claim to be the "best in NYC!" But obviously not everyone can be the best so something is wrong here. At Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson we think that people are approaching the situation wrong. The question isn't "How to pick the best lawyer in New York City", it should be, "How to pick the best lawyer in New York City For Me?"
Every case is different and so is every victim. You have to find a lawyer that is consistent in their experience and their values - a firm that takes a vested interested in your case AND in you. Here are some questions that you should consider before making a decision that can have a notable impact on your future:

New York Statute of Limitations

New York statute of Limitations is a term used for a law that has a time limit for when you can pursue legal action for wrongful conducts of an individual or company. The term is used as a catch-all term, but encompasses several statutes. New York Statute of Limitations are broken down by either crime or cause of action. Each category has its own time window in which legal action must be taken. If you don't take legal action in New York by that particular deadline, you waive your right to file a claim. Although there may be exceptions to the New York Statute of Limitations, they are rare and highly fact-based, which is why you should contact an attorney to know your legal rights.

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