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Keep these dangerous baby products out of your home

Protect your child. Know which baby products could be unsafe.

As any new parent knows, worrying about your baby's safety can feel like a full-time job. Unfortunately, even the most cautious and diligent parents cannot protect their children from everything. Too often, negligent manufacturers release baby products that can pose real dangers.

You've baby-proofed your home and done everything you can to make things safe for your little one. Take a moment to make sure these dangerous baby products aren't putting your child at risk:

Takata Defective Airbag Recall

Yesterday both Toyota and Nissan separately announced recalls of their vehicles that had potentially defective airbags installed.  Collectively the automakers recalled nearly seven million vehicles worldwide, with approximately half a million from the US alone.  This new batch of recalls falls on top of the existing Takata Corp recall of twenty-five million vehicles worldwide.  The recalls have been called in the wake of six deaths associated with airbag explosions.  Toyota reported that the defect appeared to involve moisture leaking into the airbag containment area, making the inflators prone to unstable deployment.

Baby Furniture Recalls, Update

On May 8th, the manufacture Baby Dreams has announced baby furniture recalls including their cribs and accessories.  Specifically, any furniture pieces that have been finished with a vintage grey paint.  The lead levels in the paint exceed federal lead regulations, posing serious health hazards if ingested.

What do I do if a dog bites?

  1. Call 911 immediately
  2. Collect the owner's contact information
  3. If the dog appears not to have an owner, seek out anyone that may recognize the dog
  4. Tend to the bite properly, via medical assistance or otherwise
  5. Contact your medical provider to determine coverage for treatment
  6. Report the bite to the DOH (Department of Health)

Dog bites must be reported within 24 hours of the incident. You must report the incident to the DOH by completing this form: VPHS 55 - EGP. The future of the animal and it's owner depends on the investigation of the DOHMH (Department of Health and Mental Hygiene).

Crane Accident Kills 1

On April 24th, the New York Daily News reported that a crane had collapsed at 11:44 am.  A worker had been attempting to fix a part of the crane's hydraulic system when a hose burst, which ultimately caused the crane to collapse.  The accident occurred on the construction site for the posh Even hotel.  There have been complaints about safety on site, and the city had issued two partial stays of the construction.  Those, however, were dropped by the New York Department of Buildings.

Accidental Poisoning in Bronx School

On Friday April 17th, five Bronx children were hospitalized after taking Excedrin under the impression it was candy. The second grader who passed out the pills also took one, believing it was candy. When the children were back in class, the effects ranged from stomach aches to passing out. It all started very innocently, giving out and accepting candy from friends. Yet this case of accidental poisoning could have been prevented if proper safeguards had been in place.

Staten Island Bridge Construction Accident

According to the Daily News a construction accident occurred on Wednesday October 29th on Staten Island. An inspector was struck by a truck delivering asphalt at 2:45am. The truck was in reverse on a ramp near a toll plaza at the time of impact. The inspector was taken to the hospital by ambulance. His injuries are not considered life threatening.

Manhattan Hit And Run Accident

At about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 30, a garbage truck allegedly struck and killed a man in Chinatown, in the borough of Manhattan, according to the New York Daily News. The accident occurred on Canal Street, near Centre Street. Police state that a 32-year-old man on foot was struck by a dark-colored garbage truck. The truck's driver reportedly took off in the vehicle after the victim was allegedly hit. 

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