Can I Sue For Slip & Fall Injuries?

In many ways, New York is an ideal city for pedestrians. Accessible storefronts, convenient sidewalks and abundant traffic make for great walking conditions. Even in these conditions, however, there are still hazards that can result in serious slip-and-fall accidents.

These accidents are often the result of negligence, either by a property owner or by the city. When that negligence results in injury, you have a right to pursue compensation for any losses, including lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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No Recovery = No Fee

Many new clients wonder whether they can afford legal representation. They are relieved to find out that we only collect attorney fees as a percentage of any verdict or settlement we secure. When you consider that the right attorney can make the difference between securing the compensation you need and walking away empty-handed, can you afford not to have legal help?

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