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Stairway Accidents

Property owners are responsible for the premises that they own and operate. If the premises are not safe and someone is hurt, the owner should be accountable for their negligence. Many building codes dictate the rules for the surfaces in a building. There are a wide variety of problems that could be apparent with a stairway and cause stairway accidents.

  • No handrail is available -- The codes of buildings require that stairways have handrails for user to grasp while ascending or descending. In addition, if the handrail is not in the right place or is not the right size the building owner could be liable for any stairway accidents.
  • Stairs are not all the same size -- The building codes require that stairs be the same size or have a small difference in size. If there is a large change in size of stairs it could be responsible for a fall or trip.
  • Stairs littered with trash or other things that might cause tripping -- If there is trash or other debris on the staircase and it causes a trip or fall the building owner could be liable. If trash or any other debris is left on the staircase and not cleaned up in a timely manner the building responsible for any injuries that occur.
  • Dim or no lighting -- Every staircase should be properly lit so that no injuries occur. If light bulbs go out or there is no other lighting and a trip or other injury occurs the building owner is liable for that injury.
  • Steps that have water or other slippery materials -- When weather hits and is brought inside buildings it is the responsibility of the building owner to make sure these things do not become hazards. If these things accumulate on the stairs it would be very easy for someone to have a slip and fall accident.

If someone was injured using staircases in New York and it was due to the negligence of a the property owner then they should contact New York city personal injury attorneys at specialize in stairway accidents. Contact Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson today for your free personal injury consultation.