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Filing a Notice of Claim Against New York City

How to File a Notice of Claim

If you are injured in an accident, fired by a local agency, or the victim of police brutality, you may want to file a lawsuit. However, if you do not act quickly, your rights may be extinguished before you have a chance to decide if you want to proceed. In order to have the opportunity to file a lawsuit, you must formally file a Notice of Claim against the city. A Notice of Claim must be submitted under oath. It must identify the name of the parties involved, describe the nature of the injuries and the damages sought, and properly identify the municipal agency responsible.

Generally, you only have 90 days to file your Notice of Claim with the appropriate agency. The agency will then have the right to take your deposition or require you to be examined by a physician. Remember, all of these steps must be taken before you file a formal lawsuit in court. This is a tricky process because anything you say during this stage can come back to haunt you during a lawsuit. Wrongful death cases have additional complex requirements. That's why you should never try to file a Notice of Claim without the assistance of an attorney.

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