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Drowning Accidents

According to the CDC, every day about 10 people lose their life due to drowning totaling over 3,500 annually. Two of these 10 are children under the age of 14. Children ages 1 to 4 are the most impacted and drowning is responsible for more deaths in this age range than any other cause besides birth defects. Among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the U.S. for all ages, drowning is fifth. In addition, a significant number of people go to the emergency department every year for nonfatal submersion injuries which can cause severe brain damage.

Drowning Accidents in NYC

As the swimming season approaches this year it is worthwhile to review some safety suggestions. Providing swimming lessons to all family members will decrease the likelihood of drowning. Verify children are supervised any time they are around water and that close supervision is provided when children are swimming. People unable to swim should wear life jackets. If you own a pool it is very important to follow all local laws regarding pool fencing. Barriers, like fencing, will prevent small children from accessing a pool area without supervision. In addition it is important to verify that all pool equipment is functioning properly. Keep in mind that drownings and pool related injuries can occur in locations other than backyard swimming pools. Hotels, schools, and gyms are also places that a drowning could potentially occur.

Accidents involving water are almost always preventable when the right actions are taken. While there are certain factors like the lack of being able to swim there are many actions that can be taken by the person managing the pool or the supervising agent that can be done to prevent drowning. When proper supervision, improper gating, or malfunctioning pool equipment causes the death or injury of a person the people responsible for that pool are liable for that death. If a drowning occurs it could have been caused by the negligence of the pool or other managing agent of the water. In New York city drownings take place at hotels, schools, gyms and even private pools. If their has been a drowning, or near drowning, due to the negligence of the pool you should contact a New York personal injury lawyer immediately.