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What To Do If Your Child Gets a Dog Bite

  1. Mean DogIDENTIFY THE DOG - Find out where the dog lives and who its owner is. If you cannot identify the dog, it is advised you get rabies shots for your child.
  2. SEEK MEDICAL CARE - Call an ambulance or take your child to the emergency room. Do not risk an infection from a dog bite.
  3. BE SURE TO FILE A BITE REPORT - After your child has been treated for any injuries, be sure to file a bite report with the New York City Department of Health and Mendtal Hygiene. This documentation may help to prevent any further attacks by the same dog.
  4. GATHER INFORMATION - Get as much information as you can about the dog, its' owner, any previous attacks, dog medical records etc.
  5. TAKE PHOTOS - Take photos of your child's injuries, clothing and the location of the attack.
  6. CONTACT AN ATTORNEY - Dog bite cases tend to get complicated. Your lawyer will have you and your child's best interest at heart.