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Kids And Dogs: The Do's And Don'ts

Everyone shares responsibility for protecting children, including parents and dog owners. It is important to educate children about proper behavior when they see a dog so they can interact with it safely. Below are some dos and don'ts to share with the children in your life.


  • Play appropriate games with dogs.
  • Ask permission before petting.
  • Give dogs personal space.
  • Be careful around a mommy dog and her puppies.
  • Use a quiet voice when speaking to dogs.
  • Pay attention to the tail. Wagging is good. Still is bad.


  • Bother dogs while they are eating.
  • Take a dog's bone or toy.
  • Avoid face to face contact with a dog.
  • Do not run if a dog without a leash comes near you. Stand still like a tree.
  • Grab a dog's tail or ears.
  • Do not hug dogs. They become anxious or nervous.

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