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Protecting Your Child

Bicycle Safety Rules & Laws

  • Children Under 12 may ride on sidewalks in NYC.
  • Children under 13 must wear helmets.
  • Riders should always bike with traffic, not against it.
  • Always wear bright or light colored tops when riding at dusk.
  • Look for safety bike courses to teach your child the basics of road safety.

Equipment Maintenance

  1. Check tire pressure before each ride, hard (full) tires are safe tires.
  2. Check the seat to ensure that it's set to the right height and that it's secure.
  3. Check the chain to make sure it doesn't look dry.
  4. As children get older, they can learn to look after these things. Just be sure to check up on them periodically to make sure everything is still safe.

The Importance Of Proper Helmets

In NYC, it pays to have your children outfitted with helmets. Children under 13 in NYC must wear a helmet by law. Those found without one, can be fined up to $50. The fine will be waived if parents show the court that an appropriate helmet has been acquired for the child. Bicycle helmets retails for approximately $20, and lower cost helmets are available through low income programs.