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New York City Probate Lawyer

New York City probate lawyers are highly skilled attorneys who have committed their professional lives to helping families through the complicated legal process that takes place after they’ve lost a loved one. At Pulvers-Thompson, our experienced probate attorneys help clients draft both last and living wills and offer legal counsel to the family of the deceased client if they find themselves involved in a probate litigation matter.

This process generally starts with the creation of a will and ends with the assets of the deceased being divided and distributed according to their wishes.

In most instances, the probate process goes smoothly and can be completed in a relatively short period of time, but there are times when the process doesn’t go as smoothly as expected and complicated issues arise. Examples of probate problems a New York City probate lawyer can assist with include:

  • Helping establish the validity of a last will
  • Helping establish the validity of a living will
  • Providing guidance to the executor of the will
  • Ensuring that any outstanding debts the deceased owed are paid
  • Making sure all assets go to the correct beneficiary
  • Providing legal counsel to clients if matters proceed to probate court

For the most part, the bulk of a New York City probate lawyer’s professional life will be used handling the administration duties of the probate process. They make sure paperwork is properly filed and they will work with both the executor of the will as well as other beneficiaries to make sure all questions are answered. The relationship between the New York City probate lawyer and a client’s beneficiaries generally starts long before they first meet, when the deceased client contacts the probate attorney for assistance drafting and filing a last will.

If legal questions arise during the probate process, the New York City lawyer will stand by their clients and help them handle all the probate litigation complications that come their way. In some cases, the attorney may even find themselves pulled into a legal dispute while their client is still alive should there be an issue with the living will that the lawyer helped the client draft and file.

While it’s common for most people to name a family member to act as the executor of their will, sometimes a probate attorney steps in to handle the duties that typically fall on the executor’s shoulders. In this position, it’s possible for the attorney to become more active with helping settle inheritance tax questions, change real estate titles, and other duties.

The probate process is complicated. The more assets and beneficiaries involved, the more complicated things can be. Not only will a New York City probate lawyer help simplify the process, they can also act as a buffer when emotions start to bubble out of control. Contact Pulvers-Thompson today to get assistance navigating probate laws in New York.