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New York City Estate Laws

When it comes to legal representation and estate planning, you deserve the best. At Pulvers-Thompson, we’re always available to assist with estate planning and probate requests. We understand that having conversations about wills, power of attorney, and trusts is never easy which is why we strive to make you feel at east as soon as you walk in the door. We’ll never try rush you through the process of deciding how your assets should be divided after you’ve passed. Our team of experienced New York estate planning lawyers have always been dedicated to providing exceptional service so that our clients and their heirs never find themselves in probate court.

Don’t worry if you have a complex set of instructions and requirements for your estate. We’ve never turned a client away on the grounds that their case was complicated and we have no intention to start doing so. We have a great deal of experience with the following situations:

  • Donating to favorite charities
  • Gifting grandchildren with an inheritance
  • Setting up a trust for special needs children or beloved pets
  • Dealing with the complicated tax matters that crop up when bequeathing land to a loved one.

Don’t ever think that just because you’ve drafted a will, that it’s set in stone. No matter how large or small the changes might be, we’re here to help.

The Complicated Probate Process

  • It gives the estates planning lawyer time to track down all the family members named in the will
  • Provides a period of time for the assets to administered
  • Outstanding debts are paid out of the probate before the assets can be doled out to family members and charities.

If there isn’t a will at the time of death, the property will be transferred by a process called intestate succession.

One of the flaws with the current system of handling probate is that the person who was named executor of the will is made responsible for passing out the assets and making sure creditors are paid. The problem many executors of the will encounter is that they lack a strong familiarity with the probate process and estate law and make mistakes. If you’ve recently learned you have been tasked with administrating someone’s will, it’s in your best interest to contact us. We’ll guide you through the probate process and make sure you understand the ins and outs of estate law which includes when and how to submit the paperwork.

The larger an more complicated the will is, the longer the probate process will take. We will make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could trigger and even longer delay.

When you need an New York estate planning lawyer, turn to Pulvers-Thompson for help. Whether you’re trying to determine what happens to your estate after you pass on, or you’ve just realized your expected to handle a loved one’s probate and aren’t sure where to go, we’ll provide you with the necessary legal guidance.