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Get Peace of Mind With New York City Estate Planning

It’s human nature to want to make sure your loved ones have everything they need even after you’ve passed on. The best way to ensure that this happens is by working in advance to secure New York City estate planning services. A trusted New York estate attorney can assist you with every single aspect of estate planning from wills to trusts.

Our services include:

  • Estate planning
  • Establishing guardianships
  • Helping resolve estate tax issues
  • Assisting with the selection of an executor and advising them on the probate process
  • The creation of living wills
  • The creation of living trusts
  • Drafting wills

Keep Your Legacy Secure

You’ve worked hard to accumulate the things that will ultimately be passed on to your loved ones. The best way to make sure everyone gets what they deserve and to also reduce the potential for family squabbles is with the creation of a specific will. Creating the will takes time, patience, and a great deal of legal advice. Legal matters that have to be discussed include:

  • The best ways to transfer your assets
  • How to minimize the amount of taxes your heirs will be required to pay
  • How to handle the subject of guardianship for your minor dependents
  • Who will be responsible for any pets you leave behind
  • What charities you want to support after your death
  • And much more!

Create a Living Will

No one can predict the future. You have no way of knowing if something will happen leaves you incapacitate and unable to care for yourself. Rather than hope your family will handle the situation in the manner you’d like, the best thing you can do for yourself is to draft a living will that addresses the type of care you wish to receive. Not only will we help you draft your living will and make sure it’s legality can’t be questioned, we’ll also make sure it’s properly filed so that if you ever need it, the hospital staff will have instant access to the information.

Your Last Will

The will you create that lists how your property and possessions should be divided following your death is referred to as your last will. Without a last will, someone who isn’t a blood relation won’t be able to receive the very things you want to leave to them. If you die before you have managed to file a last will, the issue of your property will go to court where it will be decided which of your descendants inherits. We’re happy to help you with the drafting of your last will.

Making Changes to Your Last Will

Your attitude towards certain people and the possessions you want to distribute after your death can change. When this happens, let us know and we’ll help you create a valid codicil to add to your will that explains your changes. These codicils are legal and binding.

When you contact Pulvers-Thompson for assistance with New York City estate planning, you’ll gain peace of mind that your wishes will be honored after your death. Take time now to tackle these sensitive issues and rest easy that your estate is secure in the future.